TheSuperVision To Observe is to Destroy

Selected Projects 2007—2014

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Dark on Darker

Mahogany on Moonless

Primrose on Pitch

Flaxen on Fear

Stygian on Starless

Sepia on Slate

Auburn on Ashen

Fawn on Forever

Gold on Goose

Pale on Pallid

Silk on Snow

Waxen on White

Ebony on Eggshell

Burnt on Beach

Copper on Coral

Petrol on Piglet

Brunette on Banana

Wan on wax

Cola on Cadmium

Mousey on Mustard

Umber on Unlit

Damask on Desert

Fire on Fire

Out on Orange

Blond on Beaujolais

Chestnut on Chocolate

Camel on Café

Buff on Beige

Park on Paradise

Florid on Foliage

Grief on Grass

Vex on Viridescent

Lovely on Leafy

Jet on Jade

Grey on Garden

Lemon on Lime

Tawny on Teal

Tow on Turquoise

Bleach on Baby

Silver on Sky

Dream on Denim

Ghostly on Grizzled

Black on Blue

Ink on Ice

Pasty on Prussian

Coffee on Cobolt

Ivory on Indigo

Brunette on Bruise

Caramel on Continuum

Carrotty on Carnation

Ream on Rose

Cocoa on Cardinal

Fair on Flushed

True Colours

Ongoing Series

– Lambda Print - Dimensions Variable

Lyrics to Some Things Last A Long Time by Daniel Johnston:

your picture

is still

on my wall

on my wall

the colors are bright

bright as ever

the red is strong

the blue is true

some things last a long time

some things last a long time

Daniel Johnston