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ALONG ON ALWAYS A1 Giclee Edition of 3

ENTER ON ALWAYS A2 Giclee Edition of 3

DREAM DREAMLESS A3 Giclee Edition of 3

UNTOLD ON UNLIT A3 Giclee Edition of 3

ABLAZE ON ASHEN A4 Giclee Edition of 3

BOUND ON BOUNDLESS A4 Giclee Edition of 3

PALE ON PALLID A4 Giclee Edition of 3

SLEEP ON SLOW A4 Giclee Edition of 3

Vanity Fair

ABSA L'Atelier Top 100

– Archival 300gsm Giclée Prints

In Vanity Fair found imagery from entire photo-shoot sessions authored by various photographers working in modern pornography are collected and digitally overlayed. This process creates an averaging visualisation. The median poses revealed are reminiscent of a tradition in Art concerned with the depiction of beauty, epitomised by the nude Venus figure.

The question arises: Are the poses demonstrated by modern pornography informed by canonical erotic artworks — an aesthetic device employed to legitimise the display of the female nude? Or are the poses enacted by the models simply the result of the limits & potential of our evolved human body? Or is the answer more subtle — the forms a product of a vicious cycle between nature and nurture (culture)?

If the original photo-shoots were lies (over-idealised beauty), once isolated and re-represented, they are remade as fiction; and as fiction they are truer than life — too good to be true. Unbelievable. Overdetermined. Author-less.

© Copyright Givan Lötz 2013